Renting one of the largest super yachts in the world for a week…

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Measuring a whopping 90m in length the Lauren L is one of the biggest yachts that is available to rent. But with such a yacht comes a equally large price tag… If you like what you see, then you best get saving as for it to be yours for a week you’ll need a cool £600,000! So let’s take a look at what you get for your money.

Well let’s start off with the accommodation. Theres 24 cabins, which vary in size and location around the boat. With these cabins the total capacity for the boat is 36 guests as the boat will also be housing crew. Though if you are splitting the cost between your 36 guests then it makes the price a little more bearable, but still some would say £166,000 is rather expensive for a week on a boat.

But let’s not forget, this is no ordinary boat. Along with the substantial space on varying decks to relax in the sun whilst sipping a cocktail from the one of the boats bars, there’s plenty of activities to be done – both on and off the boat. Off the boat, what? Yes, the boat holds an array of waters sports equipment, probably with the extra speedboat for wake boarding topping the list. As who wants to go on a Jet Ski or Hover Board when you can just drive another boat? Inside the boat things are also on an unthinkable level…

Obviously located towards the front of the boat there’s a helipad incase you want to take your helicopter for a spin or just flex it whilst you sit in the enormous jacuzzi. But if that gets way too stressful its okay, as you’ll be able to go to the spa room and get some relaxing treatments. If all of this relaxing isn’t your cup of tea, then there’s also a library you can retreat to – giving you plenty of chance to stimulate your brain.

So where can you go?

The yacht’s home port is, you guessed it, Monaco. From here you’ll be able to travel around the south of France and the larger Mediterranean area. But this sounds way too ordinary to us, hence why you can also travel to Asia, with stand out destinations including the Maldives and Dubai. Mind, not sure that you’d get that far in a week with all these activities on offer, so you might just want to stick to the shores of Europe.

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