Swimming in the worlds largest rooftop infinity pool with jaw dropping city views

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It’s hard to describe the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore in just a single word. Words like; amazing, beautiful and even stupendous are just too ordinary to encapsulate just what the hotel experience is like. But why’s this the case? Well, it could be the outrageous design of the building, the luxury experience offered in every room or the extravagant dining experience available in many of its restaurants. But we think it’s what’s located on the roof that really sends the hotel into world class status.

Located a whopping 57 floors above ground level the hotel is the worlds largest infinity pool, and if the water itself isn’t enough, there’s more. Accompanying the pool are unbeatable views of Singapore that can be enjoyed throughout the day and well into the night. The pool is so big, that it’s split into three areas, those being; the adults section, the family section and the children’s pool, meaning there really is something for everyone.

Along with the pool there’s actual palm trees which create suitable natural shade for one to relax in if the blistering sun becomes too much. Located under these tree’s but in the sun as well, are numerous single and double day beds meaning you can not just swim, but chill whilst taking in the views.

But lets be honest, this setting would not be complete without a beverage or two… Which is why there is also a bar serving food and drink to take back to your loungers. We would recommend spending an afternoon here to experience the views and the pool during daylight before watching the sun set and take in the city views at dusk when the buildings are lit up.

To get access to the pool you must be a guest at the hotel, but if you’re not, you’re still able to visit the sky deck which the pool is located on so you can take in the unique views of the city despite having a dip.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve been lucky enough to stay at this amazing place and if you’ve had a swim in the pool! If not, we’d love to hear whether this would be something for you.

The Infinity Pool – Google Images

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