Let us take the stress out of travel!

At 73 Park Avenue we want to provide a very unique personalised travel experience that simply can not be matched elsewhere. So what do we do? Well, its really straightforward!

Simply submit to us details of where you’d like to go, what you’d like to do and how much for! Then we will get to work searching for flights, hotels and activities for the best price and rating. Once we’ve found some options for you we will simply tell you our opinion on what would be the best holiday to choose.

Why are we better?

We are better as we search for everything independently, meaning there’s no bias from computers or sponsors. We will take extra care and attention at matching your needs that simply will not be taken into account when putting your requirements into a typical search engine. As well, usually when you book through a travel agent website they take a large cut therefore the price is more expensive – we will direct you straight to the company website to get the cheapest price!

A little example…

In providing us details you can be as specific or vague as you want. Based on the example details below, this is the type of options we would suggest.

DestinationNew York
DatesFebruary 2020
Flying fromAny London
Additional CommentsRomantic meal for two

Our recommendation:

CostOur suggestions
Dates20/01/2020 – 24/01/2020
Flights£235Gatwick to JFK (Norwegian Airways)
Accommodation £495InterContinental Barclays
Additional Comments£40Olio e Piu (Italian Restaurant)

Accommodation photos

Restaurant photos

Total: £770pp (£30 under budget)

How we will collaborate

Once you have subscribed you will be issued a subscription number which will be used by us as a way of accepting to collaborate with you. Simply fill out our subscribers form (found in our menu and below) with as much or as little detail as you like and we will respond within 48 hours.

Price List

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12 Months
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Subscriber contact form

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