This is how to see the Northern lights and shooting stars from the UK

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Kielder Observatory

Located within Kielder forest, in Northumberland, lies one of the best astronomical facilities in the whole of the UK. Named ‘Northumberland International Dark Sky Park’ it’s designed to host public and private events focused on delivering an outstanding astronomical experience. The site has not just been built here out of randomness, but has been carefully selected by the International Dark Sky Association due to its very low levels of artificial light, such as street lights.

So what can you see?

Well you can see just about anything thats in the sky. First, just amount of stars visible in the sky will blow you away, with the scenery looking like something from a photoshoot. Often the international space station can be seen drifting around the skies but as this is also viable without the use of the observatory, then you might be less impressed… But spectacles such as passing meteor showers, shooting stars and even the Northern lights are common place from such a perfect site.

How to visit

Chances are, you’ll only be able to visit when an organised public event is taking place. These events are usually based around a spectacle such as a predicted meteor shower and are open to everyone, including families. The events can be found by visiting the website which is below but also details are often posted on Facebook. We would recommend booking in advance, as events are rather popular due as they aren’t very often.

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