This new app lets you rent someone’s swimming pool!

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Thanks to a new Airbnb type platform, you can now rent access to someone’s swimming pool! The platform, named Swimply, dubs itself as the ‘first ever online marketplace for pool sharing’ and aims to ‘democratise the pool experience so that everyone can enjoy an instant escape from reality’.

To use the service to find a pool, you simply enter the location in which you would like pool access and then the date and time which you would like it from. Following this you will be shown various options costing various amounts and simply you just select the one that suits you the most. The rates are based per hour and average rental is $45, meaning if you got a few friends on board then it would be quite cost efficient for a few hours around the pool.

There’s also good news for those lucky enough to already have their own pool as they will be in a position to make some passive income from renting it out using Swimply. All homeowners must do is officially sign up onto the website and then sit back and enjoy the profits.

But of course there is a slight downside to the website… As it’s brand new and originates from the US, meaning there is very little UK pools on the site. But lets be honest, how many of us in the UK own a pool or even need one…

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