There’s a secret beach in Monaco – here’s how to find it!

Monaco from the air

Those of you who know, or have been to Monaco will be familiar with the Larvotto beach which is located towards the north of the principality. But despite what you may think, that isn’t the only beach on offer! For those lucky enough to randomly discover it, or read this post, you can expect to be the only one on the beach – much unlike Larvotto beach.

Obviously to be hidden, the beach certainly isn’t that big. But they say size isn’t everything right? The beach is encapsulated by cliffs which crumble towards the shore leaving a mixture of small rocks and sand. Just as you’d expect, the water is crystal clear and despite being located further out to sea than Larvotto beach, the waves break pretty calmly onto the shore.

Take a look yourself:

How to get to the beach…

The best way to get to the beach is to head towards the museum which is located on the cliff in the old town. Once stood in front, there will be access to an open air theatre and gardens on the left which you will need to head towards. You should end up on steps that look like they head towards a car park. Although they do if you follow them down to the outside of the carpark there is a path that takes you right around it. It is on this balcony pathway that there will be stairs down to the beach and all is left to do is enjoy!

Let us know what you think of the beach in the comments! 


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