Here’s how to fly to Milan (and more) for just £10!

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London to Milan – £10

It’s probably not often that you can say your flight is going to cost less than a snack and a drink in the airport but it probably is this time! On Wednesday 11thSeptember flights to Millan are just the price of 33 Fredo frogs (£10 in most peoples terms) and timings of the flights look to be ideal. Take off at 18:10 and land at 20:55, so you can either get an early night to energise for the touristy day ahead or check in, freshen up and get yourself involved in the Italian nightlife.

There’s nothing really more to say on this one, why waste any time? GET IT BOOKED!

Check out the flight here:;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:f;tt:o

Newcastle to Faro – £20

Now £20 certainly doesn’t get you far these days but in this case, we think it does! On August 12thyou can get yourself to the Algarve for less than a meal at Nando’s for 2. Now although hold the Peri-Peri closely to our hearts we think Faro is the better option… The Ryanair flight departs at 19:10 and you can expect to land at 22:20, which although is late at night it could be a lot worse for the price. As the airport pretty much in the city you can expect to be at wherever you’re staying well before midnight.

A return flight to Newcastle does cost £80, but you could choose to fly back to Leeds for just £58 and if you’re looking to get back to the North East then the 1 hour 10 minute train journey from Leeds is undoubtedly one to consider. However, if you are, then we would advise just to go back to Newcastle and be home earlier for the sake of saving yourself an extra £10 once you’ve factored in the price of a train ticket.

Check out the flight here:;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:b;tt:o;sp:2.GBP.1999

Newcastle to Barcelona – £18

Looking to get some late summer sun or just take in some chilled city vibes? Well look no further than this absolute bargain! On September 11thRyanair are offering flights to Barcelona for just £18! After you’ve taken a few minutes to process that, and possibly just booked a few days off work, then read on to learn about the extra details…

The non-stop flight departs at 18:10 and gets into Barcelona at 21:30, which again is definitely okay considering the price. The airport bus will take you into the city in around 20 minutes but sometimes shorter and longer depending on traffic and were you need to get off. We would advise booking this flight pretty soon as they are unusually cheap, with the flight being £21 lower than the typical ‘cheap’ price of the trip.

Check out the flights here:;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:f;tt:o


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