Actual glow in the dark bugs light up this abandoned railway tunnel!

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Glowworm tunnel

Personally, we are just getting over the fact that there’s bugs that can glow in the dark. If there wasn’t photo’s, we’re not sure that we’d even believe it. Whats even better about it, is that they glow in a stunning deep ocean blue colour – just look at those photos below (lots of heart eye emoji’s). The bugs are called ‘glowworms’ (very complex, we know) and give off such a glow due to a chemical reaction that takes place inside them.

These fine little beasts have taken residence in a disused railway tunnel which can be found in New South Wales, Australia. The tunnel, which was built in the 1800s as a transport link became abandoned after the amount of smoke which built up in the tunnel making it highly dangerous for passengers and drivers. Today, the tunnel is the perfect location for traverlers to explore and grab a very unique instagram pic. But you must be careful when visiting, as the tunnel is highly prone to flooding…

But some see this as an opportunity to give their canoe a little ride out. This its the case as the tunnel is big enough, and floods enough to make sailing through the tunnel very doable, creating a very special experience.

Access to the tunnel

The tunnel is very accessible and can be reached by walking along the old railway lines from Newnes. Alternatively, you can drive from Lithgow or Clarence and then take the short 1km walk to the tunnel.

Below shows the location of the railway and tunnel on a map.

All images from Google Images


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