This German Beer garden is how high?!

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At exactly 2,962 metres above sea level, the Zugspitze stands proud as the highest mountain in Germany. Of course, due to such size its home to a very popular ski resort which is enjoyed by thousands annually. But this arguably plays second fiddle to what sits smack bang at the top of the mountain.

That being an enormous beer garden that’s complete with inviting deck chairs that allow you to sit back in pure comfort. But this comfort does come at quite a sizeable cost…

The garden is only accessible via cable car or foot. Meaning either you face the possibility of crashing to your death after falling out of a cable car, or freezing to death with being exposed to the harsh climate of the alps. Okay, so that might be slightly exaggerated but don’t expect to get an Uber home once you’ve over indulged on a few to many beers!

We’d probably recommend visiting the beer garden after skiing rather than before hand as that might not end too well… Let us know if you’ve been lucky enough to visit this magical German wonderland or if you’d like to. For further information visit the following website.

All images from Google Images


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