Accidentally playing with a deadly Octopus in Australia

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Your Say

For those of you unfamiliar with our Your Say posts, it’s fundamentally our way of interacting with you! Each Wednesday we share your most memorable, funny and craziest travel stories. Think you have a good one? Well please submit it to us via the contact page in our menu and it could be featured

Like everyone I was aware of the amount of deadly animals and creatures Australia is home to, you know such as crocodiles and spiders. But maybe something I wasn’t aware of, just in life in general, was that deadly octopus’ can exist…

Therefore as I stumbled across one of the most attractive octopus’ you’ve ever seen in your life obviously I picked it up and took a closer inspection at its beauty. Whilst I was doing so my friend took photos of me which I later posted to Instagram.

It was only until my friend commented on Instagram that it was a blue-ringed octopus and in fact it was capable of killing 26 humans in minutes… At first, I thought they were joking but a quick google search confirmed that they were actually correct and I had just came unknowingly very close to a very nasty death…


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