Visit: Camel Racing in Dubai

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In the UK we have horse racing and they also do in Dubai, in fact they love horses in Dubai! However they also love their Camels… Camel racing in the Middle East dates back centuries and races are frequently visited by locals and tourists. Of course though, again unlike the UK you can’t place a bet on your favourite, as all gambling is strictly prohibited.

This month marks the perfect time to catch a race as the new camel racing season kicks off at Al Marmoon Smart Camel Racing Track, with the first live session being spread over October 23rd and 24th. Expect lots of excitement as each race involves around 60 camels all very keen to reach the line first. The races are usually quiet long, ranging from distances of 4-6km. Head over to the main stand, which is where many locals and camel owners will be adding to the excitement by each cheering for the favourite camel.

Whats also amazing is that you don’t have to pay for a ticket! Unlike many other attractions and things to do in Dubai you won’t have to spend a penny to enjoy the fun. Let us know if you plan on taking in a race of two whilst your in Dubai, we’d love to hear your stories!

If you’d like more information, visit the following link:


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