There’s a hidden heated underground swimming pool in Manchester

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Think you know Manchester? Well even if the answer to that question is yes, we have some information that just might change your mind. Although what you think you know isn’t wrong, it’s more of a case of what you don’t know, or even what you’re not supposed to know…

Hidden underneath Manchester lies an abandoned underground world consisting of hospitals, shops and bomb shelters. Don’t believe us? Well take a look at the images below which show some of what we are talking about. However, we haven’t mentioned possibly the most impressive hidden gem in this underground world. Located near the BBC’s old Oxford Road HQ, but underground of course, lies an underground swimming pool that was built and managed by rich families wanting to give their children a touch of luxury and privacy.

The Gaskell family, who ran it, were keen to improve facilities for individuals who were body conscious therefore lessons for shy children were common place in the swimming pool.

In addition to the pool, was a sauna which apparently was used mainly by men, as women preferred not to take the cold shower typically associated with exiting a sauna. Evidence for this, was detailed by Michael Frayn who wrote in The Guardian back in 1959 as part of raising the pools profile. In the same article, Frayn details that the facilities have been enjoyed by rich members of society for over 30 years, meaning the pool was first created back in 1930.

It is unknown what condition the swimming pool is currently in and how you access the facility. Little has been reported on it since the Guardian article, mentioned above. Which got us thinking as to if the pool has been upgraded and is still in use for wealthy individuals within Manchester! Who knows what’s possible, let us know what you think in the comments.

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