Is this the Portuguese sinkhole an entrance to a parallel universe?

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Cavo Dos Conchos Lake

Okay so despite its very fictional appearance, this hole in the middle of Portugal’s Cavo Dos Conchos Lake is not actually an entrance to a parallel universe. But don’t worry, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking so based on first impressions… But what it actually is might surprise you. It’s really a manmade funnel leading directly towards a long tunnel, but why?

The lake which the funnel is situated in is also manmade and was created as part of the nearby hydroelectric dam installation, which was completed in 1955. Simply, instead of building a pipeline between the dam and the lake, engineers decided to dig directly in the middle of the lake and connect the pair with the tunnel. This allows nearby communities to access fresh water and electricity, whilst also being quite attractive to the eye! For over 50 years the lake and funnel were little known secrets in Portugal, but since 2016 and the circulation of viral photo’s, the pair have become quite a popular tourist attraction.

How to visit

The lake is located in Serra da Estrela natural park meaning its certainly not close to any urban areas. In order to get to this particular lake you’ll be required to take a 6 mile hike from any point of transport, so make sure you pack some comfortable shoes… Please see below for exactly where you can find the lake.

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