London’s secret bar that’s hidden inside a fridge door

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Entry into pretty much every cocktail bar is usually very simple, right? You just walk in off the street, head to the bar and place your order. However there’s a cocktail bar in East London that does thing very differently indeed…

Introducing to you ‘The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town’ where you must walk through a fridge in order to get into the bar. Sounds like some sort of weird Narnia spin off right? Well it gets slightly more bizarre as well, as in order to first find the fridge and then open it, you must know a secret code…

We’re sure you’d love to know just where this fridge door is and what the magic code is, so that’s why we’re going to tell you! The bar is located within ‘The Breakfast Club’ which can be found on Artillery lane, once inside you must speak to the waiting staff and let them know you’re “here to see the mayor”. Following this, they will direct you to the very normal looking fridge door, open it for you and then you simply wonder in to socialise with likewise masters of Londons cocktail scene.

You can expect to find vintage furniture and bizarre wall art when you’re inside the secret bar along with a very unique menu of cocktails. If you’re looking for something to try, why not grab yourself ‘The basic kitsch’ which includes vodka, lemon, vanilla and raspberry syrup mixed with lemonade. Also if cocktails are not your style there’s plenty of craft beers and wine on offer. Along with drinks there is a selection of snacks available, such as ‘disco fries’ which are basically fancy dirty fries, but they are well worth sharing with your company.

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