Visitors must ‘walk on water’ in order to get to this UK island

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St Michael’s Mount (Near Cornwall)

Located a stones throw away from Cornwall, St. Michael’s Mount is one of the few tidal islands in the UK that visitors can walk to. But take note, the path is only visible during low tide, meaning there’s limited times to visit.

As you can see by the photo there is a cobbled path from the UK mainland towards St Michael’s Mount which meanders through the ocean before reaching the island which is soaked in rich history. From a distance, visitors look as if they are walking on water as often the water trickles over the path which does make for an impressive photo opportunity.

The island itself is source of the local fairytale ‘Jack the Giant Killer’, as rumour has it, the island was home to a giant before a local from the mainland (named Jack) killed him.

Aside from this, clearly there is the accent ruins to explore which make for a perfect afternoon stroll. But don’t take too long, as you might not be able to make it home!

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