This is where you can get unlimited Pancakes in Amsterdam

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This is not a drill!! There is actually a boat in Amsterdam called the ‘Pannenkoekenboot’ (Pancake boat) that lets passengers eat unlimited amounts of dutch style pancakes. But it doesn’t just end there, endless amounts of syrup, fruit and powered sugar can be applied to the pancakes as much as you like!

So we know you like the sound of that so let’s just get into how you can aboard such a magnificent boat.

The boat is actually a tour, so you’ll be treated to some lovely views of Amsterdam as you’re biting into some of the finest pancakes in the world. But in our eyes, the tour is just a bonus the pancakes are the real attraction, aren’t they? The boat departs from northern docklands, several times a day, and gently sails through the cities famous harbour and back in a trip that takes around 2 and a half hours. So we have no doubt that you’ll be able to hit triple figures on the pancake count!

Tickets on the boat can be bought online with entry for adults costing €27,50 and for children € 22,50. For more details, or to purchase tickets, visit the following website:

Pancake Cruise

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