Tourists are missing this secret attraction in Rome

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Landmarks and attractions such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps spring to mind when one considers what Rome is most known for. Let’s not forget that these are world famous for a reason and are well worth the attention that they get, but we believe that there is another undiscovered attraction that is very underrated.

The beautiful thing about the attraction we are about to detail, is that photo’s simply don’t do it justice, which is probably also why it’s so unknown. No doubt if you, visit you’ll see what we mean as it is pretty much impossible to actually photograph it!

So what on earth is it then? Well positioned off the beaten track is a property owned by the Priory of the Knights of Malta, a Roman Catholic religious order of crusader knights that originated in Jerusalem in the 11th century. At the front of the property are enormous doors, and its what’s behind the doors thats so special. But this is where things get a little strange as the door doesn’t open… So how are you supposed to see what’s behind it? Well located mid way down the left door is what looks at first sight to be a keyhole. However upon further inspection, this is no ordinary keyhole. Its actually a small hole in the door, meaning in actually fact, you can see the magical sight of what’s behind it.

As you take a look through the keyhole you’re greeted with a perfectly framed view of Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican City. Running either side of Saint Peter’s Basilica’s dome are beautifully maintained gardens which focus attention towards the Vatican City. Although yes we did say it’s hard to picture, we have attached an imagine below of what you can expect to see. But trust us, it will be far more rewarding in person! You can also see the positioning of the keyhole on the map below.

The View – Google Images
The Keyholes Location – Google Maps

Let us know if you’ll be visiting this secret treasure on your visit to Rome in the comments below!

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