You’ll never believe that these things are illegal to do in Venice

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Recently in Venice a pair of German backpackers were fined a total of €950 and asked to leave the city after they were caught brewing coffee from a portable stove on the steps of the Rialto bridge on Friday, 10th July. While for most of us, this seems completely mad there’s actually even more likewise rules that would see similar sanctions… So let us walk you through a few before you end up accidentally doing something you might live to regret

Sitting down in St. Marks Square

Tired of walking around the city? Well make sure that you don’t decide to take a rest in an undesignated spot in St. Marks Square as it could land you with a hefty fine. Areas that are obviously okay to sit in are cafes and restaurants located around the square but anywhere else, and it could be trouble for you. In 2018 the fine for doing so was actually raised to €500 from €200 – boy do they mean business…

Feeding the pigeons at St. Marks Square

You’ve already been warned about sitting but there’s further rules for the square. Strictly do not feed the birds! Now there is reason to why this is the case and its pretty understandable. In 2008 the amount of waste birds left behind became too much for the council to keep on top of therefore to solve the issue, just simply stopped the birds coming by cutting their food supply. Sounds sensible really, doesn’t it?

Jumping or swimming in the canals

Although the city is sounded by various canals, you’ll be fined €450 if you can’t resist taking a dip in one. There’s nothing much more to say here really, just stick to swimming in your hotels pool!

Putting padlocks on bridges and other monuments

We’ve all seen it haven’t we? On various bridges around Europe, padlocks scattered left, right and centre. Usually they are done in good taste with initials of lovers commonly scribed onto the padlock. However in actual fact they case a lot damage to the bridges as often, the added weight causes structural problems, increasing the bridges chances of collapsing. Although once upon a time carrying out this offence could land you with a €3,000 fine, today you will receive a €100 fine. But let’s be honest, there’s no need to be giving anyway that sort of cash for putting a padlock on a bridge – so we urge to to refrain from doing so!

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