This glass waterslide through hanging flowers looks like something from a video game!

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A 1,800m long waterslide located a staggering 66m from the floor of Chinese Mount Laojun has been completed in China and is open to visitors. The waterslide is complete with an array of thousands hanging flowers that are seen to dance in the wind as users fly past.

To use the waterslide, users are given an inflatable boat that powers through the sharp twists and turns giving anyone onboard an exhilarating ride. Although it is made from glass there’s no need to worry as it is designed to withstand much greater force than a few people on an inflatable boat… In addition the slide is supported by huge steel frames, meaning you’ll be more than safe, so just enjoy the view!

Watch the photos below to get a taste of the sort of experience you can expect from taking a trip down the slide. If this is something you’d be interested in, let us know in the comments!

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