There was an actual snake on my flight!

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Your Say Wednesday

For those of you unfamiliar with our Your Say Wednesday posts, it’s fundamentally our way of interacting with you! Each Wednesday we share your most memorable, funny and craziest travel stories. Think you have a good one? Well please submit it to us via the contact page in our menu and it could be featured.

We’ve all seen the snakes on a plane movie haven’t we? You know, the one where a crate of venomous snakes are dropped into the cargo hold and start attacking passengers mid flight… Well, we although we try to block it out of our minds when we are on board a plane probably just to hope it never ever happens to us. But well, yep you guessed it, it happened to me.

Whilst I was onboard a Aeromexico flight to Mexico City, just enjoying my playlist and enjoying some light reading, as you do, sounds of intense screaming began to fill the plane. I was sat near the front, row five I think, so any noise must have been coming from behind. So along with all the other passengers around me, that had equally concerning looks on their faces, sat upright in my chair and slowly turned to check out all the fuss.

As I was doing so, the noise intensified and began to creep down the plane to near my seat like a domino affect. Just as the row in front started freaking out, I myself started to do the same. This was because I had just caught a glimpse of a 5ft python drop from the overhead cargo hold and down the back of an innocent passengers chair.

I can honestly say I have never been so shocked in my life, the thought of this absolute beast being able to pick off any one of us as it chooses really struck complete fear into me despite it being roughly 20 rows further towards the back of the plane.

Over the next few minutes, a very brave individual managed to contain the snake without harming it, and it being able to harm anyone meaning we were just about safe. But still the captain had been alerted and we were already on our diversion to the nearest airport to land.

Although this was the case, and everything was going to be alright, I still felt very uncomfortable on the flight and certainly couldn’t return to enjoying my playlist or my reading. Instead I ran through scenarios of what could have happened with the snake in my head. But thankfully, these just stayed in my head and after taking a short diversion, finally arrived at Mexico City airport safely.

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