I was mistaken for Mark Zuckerberg in Macau – and played along!

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Your Say Wednesday

For those of you unfamiliar with our Your Say Wednesday posts, it’s fundamentally our way of interacting with you! Each Wednesday we share your most memorable, funny and craziest travel stories. Think you have a good one? Well please submit it to us via the contact page in our menu and it could be featured.

So some friends and I were in Macau on a random trip during the summer. We had woken up pretty take and just skipped breakfast and sat down for some lunch at a backstreet sort of diner.

After about 10 minutes into our lunch, the guy serving our table literally started freaking out. Like he seemed so excited about something but we had no idea what was happening.

The second I made eye contact with him, he darted over to our table.

He then pulled out his phone which was showing me a photo of Mark Zuckerburg.  He looked at his phone, then pointed directly at me, and then started jumping up and down with excitement.

He said “You are Mark Zuckerburg!” He was confident that I was him.

Without flinching, I played along with it.  I said that I was, indeed, Mark Zuckerburg and I was traveling in Macau with friends.  I pulled out my iPhone and showed him the Facebook icon on my home screen and told him that I created it.  He was utterly shocked.

I was trying to hold my laugher back as the waiter proceeded to take photos of me and call his friends over to our table. Before leaving I signed autographs for everyone who wanted one, and of course, left a nice tip!

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