Evidence aliens actually did build Stonehenge

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It’s hard to bring up Stonehenge in conversation without someone mentioning the aliens and how they floated down from the sky and stuck the 25 tone rocks there. Don’t believe us? Well give it a go next time you’re with someone, just ask them how they think the stones got there…

As crazy as it may sound to some of us, it actually has a little bit of weight behind it to suggest that in actual fact, humans may have had extraterrestrial intervention to aid them with such heavy stones. Again, don’t believe us? Well just read on and tell us what you think in the comments!

So as we’ve mentioned, some of the stones at Stonehenge are estimated to weigh at least 25 tones. Just to put that into context for some of you unfamiliar with just how heavy it is, then its the equivalent of just over four African bush elephants or just under 12 range rovers… Get the picture? Well imagine trying to lift that weight and with the added complication of the wheel not being invented yet. Meaning they have to get the stones there and then lift them without using any form of wheel… It does sound slightly unbelievable, doesn’t it?

In addition to this, there have been various sightings of UFO’s and Aliens in the area. One of the most famous incidents is when a group of research claimed that a ‘tall and thin’ being was following and watching them from a distance. Could this have been an alien making sure nobody spoilt his masterpiece? Slightly more concrete evidence can be seen in the following photo, with a UFC visible hovering over the stones. We understand the photo is far from HD but it is part of the UK national archives… Surly they wouldn’t be keeping such photo’s if they weren’t meaningful?

UFO over Stonehenge – UK National Archives

So if aliens did Stonehenge, the obvious question of why follows. Some say that it was a site for the burial of important people or aliens from outer space. Whilst some say it was the ‘worlds first computer’ capable of predicting events such as seasons. But whatever it was built for it most certainly has caused a stir in determining who built it. As the stones were placed there prior to written records being kept, we can almost say for certain that we might never find out! Unless the aliens did built it and fancy popping back to build another in the future…

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