Catching my dropped camera after jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft over the Gold Coast

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It happened to be my birthday whilst I was backpacking with a few friends around Australia. Although I was away from my parents I knew they’d try to send me something I could enjoy but did not have a clue what to expect. To make things worse, I suspected the friends I was traveling with were in on it, but they refused to tell me any details…

My suspicions were confirmed when they told me that we’d be going to an airfield as my lovely parents had bought me a skydiving experiance. My face, as you can imagine, was rather a sight as although I wasn’t scared of heights, the thought of jumping from a plane didn’t completely agree with me.

Nevertheless, I knew my parents had gone to great lengths to organise this for me so I knew I had to give it a go. However, as the plane was taking off I wasn’t so fond of the idea but knew my friends would never let me live it down if I didn’t jump.

As the doors opened at 15,000ft and the wind started to gush through the plane my stomach started doing summersaults and obviously the thoughts of ‘what if’ ran wild through my head. But I carefully crawled towards the door with my tandem partner and before I knew it, we were falling to earth like a stone.

It’s at this point that the camera that I took to capture my face over the lego like structures on the Gold Coast, to send as evidence to my parents that in fact I wasn’t a big ‘scaredy cat’ slipped through my fingers and like us, began to fall like a stone.

However, as the parachute had not been pulled yet, we were able to drift towards it and my tandem partner swiped it from mid air back into our control and to my amazement, was able to capture the moment before pulling the parachute to slow our descent.

So thankfully we were able to carelessly drift towards earth and take in the scenery before crashing down in front of my friends who had no idea of the ordeal that had occurred above them… But thanks to the absolute raw skills of my tandem parter, was able to show them (and my parents) me doing the skydive!

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