What?! There’s a pink lake in Australia?

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Located around 70 miles from Esperance on ‘middle island’, which is the largest island to make up the Recherche Archipelago is one of the most mind boggling lakes in the world. Yes, that’s because the water in it is bright pink! What makes the colour stand out even more, is that it is very close to the dark blue of the ocean therefore contrast one another perfectly to really make the colours come to life.

So what is the lake? Well its Lake Hillier and it was first wrote about on January 15th 1802, by Matthew Flinders during an expedition. Flinders called the lake Hillier after one of his crew members after staying on the island for a few days to gather resources for his trip.

The lake measures 600m in length and 250m in width meaning there’s actually quite a lot of pink water! But don’t worry, it isn’t harmful to humans but apparently there is just about no ‘normal’ life living in the lake, so no fishing kids…

So, how is it pink?

We know thats the question you’re all dying to ask so here’s the answer, and its actually quite straight forward. The usually high salt contents mixed with the salt-loving algae species known as Dunaliella salina and pink bacteria known as halobacteria, all combine to give a vibrant pink look. So yes, there isn’t such thing as clear water and pink water… If you treated normal water in this way it would also turn pink and if you took some of the water from Lake Hillier and took the salt etc from it, it would be normal again…

Lake Hillier – Google Images

Want to visit?

To observe the obscure lake you can simply walk right up to it, but why stop there? Why not take a boat trip across it and imagine you’re in some sort of Hollywood film, but again, why stop there? With Goldfields Air Services you can take a short flight across the area, meaning you are able to see in person that wonderful sharp contrast between blue and pink.

The lake from a plane – Google Images

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