Is this the most bizarre place to swim in London or even the UK?

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Hampstead heath bathing ponds

One of Londons most popular open spaces, Hampstead Heath, is home to a very unusual place to swim, but we can’t help love it! So what is this unusual place? Well its actually the ponds… But it’s not just as random as taking a dip in the first pond you see, there’s male only, female only and mixed ponds to swim in!

The mixed pond is the closest to Hampstead overground station so just based on pure convenience, this probably would be our pond of choice. To swim in the ponds there is a £2 charge for adults and £1 for concessions but in London in the 21st century this is a small price to pay for such an experience.

As well as taking a tip in the ponds there is plenty of space surrounding them to take in the vibes and chill out. This would be ideal if you were planning to meet a group of friends for the day but we’d recommend getting there early, especially during the summer or on hot days, as the ponds and grounds do become busy – which isn’t surprising.

If you want to visit but would prefer a more quieter time, then don’t worry as the ponds are open to swim in all year round! But it’s maybe not best to in winter months as lets be honest, it’s going to be rather chilly… Although they are open all year round, the times which you can swim do vary depending on the time of year therefore we’d recommend checking them online prior to visiting.

The Mixed Pond – Google Images

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