It’s all lies, you can get to the Hollywood sign! here’s how…

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Okay so let’s just make something crystal clear. You can’t actually get close enough to the sign to touch it but you can get close enough to be able to say you where there… Which is a lot more than the many people who say ‘oh no you can’t get up close to the sign, there’s too much forrest in the way’. Yes, there is a forrest but there is also many trails that lead towards the sign, so you don’t need to settle from seeing it from afar.

This post has been inspired by seeing the various instagram posts that are from one of the hikes in Griffith Park, that show the sign far in the background and people in the foreground looking rather tired and disappointed they didn’t make it to the sign itself. So listen up, here’s how you can get as close as possible!

The closest point to the sign can be seen in the following photo, which is more than suitable for a cheeky selfie, agreed? This point is accessible by a range of different paths that weave throughout Griffith Park so you’re not short of options. Typically to get to the point seen in the photo it will take around an hour and a half of hiking in areas of limited shade, so keep this in mind whilst planning a trip.

The Sign – Google Images

Out of the many trail options, we would advise looking at the Mt Hollywood Trial, as this is described to be the easiest and offers the most scenic views of the sign. To find the trail, just simply google its starting point and then once you’re there, just follow the blue signs – it’s as simple as that!

Now we’ve cleared that one up, we’ll leave you with a few facts about the sign to get you feeling nice and inspired.

  1. The sign was built in 1923 and actually read ‘Hollywoodland’ to advertise real estate in the area. But after tourists began to flock to visit the sign, it was made permanent.
  2. In 1932 a struggling young actress climbs to the top of the letter H and takes a dive from the top which fatally injured her. Which brings fame to her name, something that she hoped to do when she was alive.
  3. In 1999 Panasonic security cameras are installed to protect the sign
  4. As it entered the 21st century, the sign was lit by a spectacular lightning display, which also marked the creation of the signs website.

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