Breakfast in New York? It’s got to be here

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Located in Mid town Manhattan, on the corner of 7th avenue lies one of New York’s finest sports for breakfast. That being Andrews Coffee shop, which by name would lead you to imagine a café type vibe, which upon establishment would be correct. However at present, the shop has evolved into a fully-fledged diner selling wine and beer, open from 6am till midnight Monday to Friday and 7am till midnight on Sundays.

The family owned shop has been operating in New York since 1964, and such lengthy experience of combining high quality food and excellent customer service in one of the busiest cities in the world certainly shows. Upon entering, if there isn’t a little queue (which is understandable in such an established), you will be greeted and seated with your drinks order taken before you then search the menu for your favourite dish to start the day.

 It’s hard not to mention the ‘compete combo’ as the preferred choice as for the price of $14.75 you will be treated to pancakes or French toast, an egg, bacon, ham or sausage, coffee or tea and fresh orange juice. Or simply if you aren’t a big one for loading up at breakfast, there is a range of fresh goods from the bakery that you can explore. As well, the range of 9 smoothies is more than enough to tempt the health fanatic into seeing what the shop can offer.

 For more information visit the shops website which you can find below.

Andrews Coffee Shop – Google Images

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