This has been voted the UK’s best attraction five times in a a row! So is it the eighth wonder of the world?

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Believe it or not, Visit Cornwall dub The Eden Project as the eighth wonder of the world… Now we aren’t trying to hype it up that much but it is an amazing project that is well worth a visit for the day. Primarily, the project is a dramatic global green house project that covers the size of 30 football pitches – meaning actually you might need more than one day to visit… The project has been awarded the status of the best UK leisure attraction over 5 times, here’s why.

What is it?

Dominating an old quarry site lies two huge greenhouse enclosures which contain thousands of plants from very diverse climates and environments around the globe. The greenhouses are shaped a lot like golf balls and are split into different areas of earth, replicating the conditions of what it would be like at that place. For example the dessert section of the project is very hot and dry whereas the tropical section is very hot but humid. Although this may sound like your typical city botanical gardens we can assume you they are not.

The sheer scale of the project separates it from anything like it in the UK and possibly worldwide. The outsides of the domes may appear to look plastic but do not be fooled. They are state of the art materials needed to maintain such drastic environments and hold up a structure that has no supports through the middle. Visitors are able to take a trip over a walkway close to the dome roofs to overlook the indoor gardens – which really help you fall into thinking you are actually in the rainforest.

The projects size also plays a very critical role in the education around why we need to protect the environment as each 10 seconds in the rainforest, an area the size of one of the domes is destroyed.

As mentioned earlier the domes are home to varying different environments and this is some examples of the plants that you will find in each. In the rainforest section you can not only find but also touch abstract plans such as the Brazilian grape tree whilst in the Mediterranean section lies many Courgette ‘Tromboncino’s.

Eden Sessions

Even if you think walking around looking at plants could be boring then eden sessions maybe more for you. Each year a music festival takes over the project with famous artists consistently headlining the show. For example in 2018 the festival was headlined by Liam Gallagher and this year Kylie Minogue was the main attraction alongside Stereophonics.

Eden Sessions – Google Images

So is it the eighth wonder of the world?

Well, despite the attraction clearly being one of a kind and paving the way for environmentalist to change the way we treat the planet. We aren’t sure it can live up to the title as the eighth wonder of the world. We think this is the case as it could potentially be replicated again and adapted to make even better with even bigger domes. But we’d love to hear what you think! Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments.

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