Exposing Mallorca’s secret ‘picture perfect’ beach

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First things first, let’s just agree that Es Calò des Moro beach is more or less picture perfect, yes? Just look at those photo’s… We challenge you to find a better beach on the island of Mallorca and if you do, then we will post it along with a personal apology to you, okay? We think you might struggle as the foundation ‘Amics d’Es Calò des Moro’ claim it to be one of the lasting beauty’s of the island. Now we all agree that its the best in Mallorca, let’s get down to how you get there!

The beach is located on the south east of the island around six kilometres from Santanyí. There is a small make shift car park located near the beach, meaning yes you can drive there, but don’t be put off by the signs saying ‘private property’ as although this is true, it is open to the public. To find exactly where the beach is located, we have attached a map with its location shown.

Do not be fooled by S’Almunia beach which is very close to the Es Calò des Moro, despite it being so close, it does not look the same. This is due to the failed plans to build a hotel on Es Calò des Moro as during the planning stage of building, the beach was cleared and maintained to a higher standard and has been ever since.

When you get there, do not be surprised by the size of the beach. The water does go quite far up the sand leaving not a lot of room for people to sunbathe therefore you might not want to spend all day here. As well, we wouldn’t advise doing any water sports here as there is rocks located in the sea.

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