Dubai has build a new world and you can buy your own country

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In recent years Dubai has been at the centre of pushing the boundaries on luxury with just about everything they do being high class. Take the police cars for example, they’ve obviously are all supercars… And you want to go skiing in the desert? No problem, they have the largest indoor skiing facility in the world. Want a somewhere to sleep with a nice view? Welcome to the worlds only 7 start hotel… Yeah, so you get the picture. Dubai is in a league of its own, but some would argue it’s actually in a world of it’s own…

Since announcement in 2003, efforts to build islands in the shape of the world map just off the coast have thrived. Despite the financial crisis of 2008 slowing construction a little, today lies roughly 300 islands which can be privately purchased. As you’d expect, the amount of detail developers have gone into is outstanding, with recent reports suggesting the notoriously colder islands will be completed with fake snow… So those interested in owning their own country are able to, providing they have enough money in the bank as the seven figure price tag certainly isn’t going to pay for itself. 

An arial view of the islands

Reported buyers of some of the Islands include Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio who have apparently purchased the UK and Barbados retrospectively. Once theirs, owners are free to do whatever they wish. Examples of things owners have done is create a royal beach club, which can be visited on the island of Lebanon  Supposedly the owners of the Irish island are keen to develop their land into an Irish themed amusement park topped with an Irish bar. Such ideas got us thinking. Which country would you like to buy the most and what would you do with it? Let us know in the comments and be sure to keep a look out the the World Islands next time you happen to be on the plane over Dubai!

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