Did he just cliff jump off a 40ft rock in the Algarve?

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Photo’s Friday

Welcome to photo’s Friday, the time of the week when we bring you our favourite photo we’ve found on Instagram. Think you’ve got a good snap that we could use? Well send it too us using the contact form in our menu – good luck and enjoy!

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  1. @resortsbymorten

Location: Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, Greece

Everyone loves pools and everyone loves rooftops, right? So combine the two on a picture perfect island in Greece, then you’re onto a winner. Hence why we love this photo, it’s as simple as that.

2. @thefreedomcomplex

Location: Algarve, Portugal

We aren’t really sure where to look first with this absolute stunner! Is it that spotless sky? Or the ocean that is calmly breaking on the golden sands, no? What about the figure that is stood looking over the cliff face? Well what ever it is, we can’t fault it and love the peaceful vibes. As well, we wonder if he was just taking in the views or was about to take a jump into the tempting waters. I guess we will never know…

3. @Jamesrelfdyer

Location: Unknown (somewhere in the sky)

Yes okay, we know it’s quite a basic thing to do… You know, take a photo of the plane wing cutting through both the land and sky… But how many have you taken that look like this? Well if you have them maybe you should send them our way but we are guessing you haven’t. That’s because the earth looks like Mars, wouldn’t you agree?

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