Zip lining through the Mexican jungle is a must when you visit Cancun – here’s how to do it

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For those looking to fly through the jungle look no further than the adventure park that is Xplor. Here’s what it includes and why we think you should give it a visit.

Boasting six different activities to do, some at day and some at night Xplor park truly has something for everyone activities include; Zip lines, Amphibious vehicles, Rafts, Cave swim, Cave walk and hammock splash. The real beauty about the park is that you can also explore literally what is underneath the surface of Mexico as well as the beautiful landscape above!

Highlights of the park have to include the zip lines and the cave swim. Yes, that does mean that this park is more suited to someone who is adventure savvy but also why not take the opportunity to dive into the unknown (literally) and take yourself out of your comfort zone! The zip lines, of which there are two, include 7 lines which both span over 2 miles! Not only are they this far but they are also in some parts 45m from the ground, giving you unmatched views of the Mexican forest. See the pictures below if you don’t believe us! Oh talking about photos, around the park are positioned cameras so you don’t need worry take photos of each other when you’re flying through the air, the park will take care of that!

The cave swim is slightly more chilled but equally as thrilling. If you haven’t done anything like it before then you can be guaranteed to have your breath taken away by the natural beauty of the world below. You will swim 400m, at a gentle pace, through the cave surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites which have been formed over millions of years. Don’t worry if swimming isn’t your strong point has you will be obviously provided with a safety jacket.

Inside the cave swim

On this one, there really isn’t much more to say! The pictures themselves speak a thousand words, but for more information a quick google search of Xplor will find you plenty of resources. Or alternately, head straight to their website which you can find below.


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