This abandoned underground railroad is helping VIP’s secretly enter and exit New York City

61 Grand Terminal

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First things first, NY has quite a lot of abandoned underground passages and railroads, just like a lot of cities. However, something is quite special about Track 61 Grand Terminal making it stand out like a sore thumb in the underground world. It is alleged that the track, which was once used as a storage ‘powerhouse’, is still in use to transport VIP guests to and from the city through its convenient positioning of being located directly under the luxury five-star Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Although never intended to be used for passengers it seems that in actual fact, this is what is has been used for the most.

The earliest report of the track being used as a VIP entrance was to help Franklin D. Roosevelt enter the city unnoticed. His car was driven down the tracks before being lifted into the garage of the hotel which then could be used around NY without him being publicly seen. Likewise, George W. Bush is rumoured to have used the hotel as a meeting point for various occasions, therefore also used the underground passage as a way of maintaining a low profile.

As well as these examples, various celebrities and military personnel have been rumoured to use the tracks on a number of occasions but given the high level of secrecy involved, it is difficult to confirm as fact. But does the unmarked brass door at Waldorf’s street level, which does lead to the station, confirm that the passage is still in use today for these reasons?

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