Is this the most underrated landmark at Pompeii?

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So, I’m sure we’re all aware of the events that has caused Pompeii to become one of Italy’s most famous places to visit. You know, the enormous eruption of Mount Vesuvius that spent lava flying down the side of the volcano at triple figure speeds burning everything, and everyone, in its path? Yes, well today the aftermath has presented one of the most fascinating places on earth to visit. Pompeii provides you with the chance to take a step back in time (79 AD to be exact) and observe the city of an ancient roman civilisation. With much of the city unchanged, visitors are able to place themselves in the shoes of Romans at the time, and with the volcano hovering over the city in the distance, it is easy to imagine the sort of scene that will have been a reality all them years ago. Clearly as well, the remains of people whom were unable to escape the lava add towards the creation of such a scene. In fact it is these remains, that make Pompeii rather famous globally due to the uniqueness of being able to personally witness someone who was exposed to such a disaster. However, located at the in the southern region of Pompeii, lies the oldest Roman Amphitheatre in existence, which we think is the most underrated attraction to see in Pompeii!

Being built in around 70 BC, Pompeii’s is older than the colosseum in Rome by around a century. But similar to the world famous colosseum in Rome, Pompeii’s Amphitheatre was home to frequent gladiatorial contests. It’s design has been cited to pave the way for the design and layout for modern sports venues and arenas, detailing just how significant the building is. But why is it that we think it is so underrated? It’s because with such information in mind of the heavy violence that undoubtably will have taken place on a very frequent basis you are able to almost imagine these events taking place in real life. Unlike Rome’s Colosseum, you’re able to stand anywhere you’d like in the middle of the Amphitheatre and look towards the stands, just like those facing certain death will have done thousands of years prior. You are able to make the exact walk a gladiator will have made prior to entering battle, which sends a cold shiver down the spine as all of a sudden the value of life becomes so real. Being able to imagine the feeling of walking through the gates, down the tunnel and into the grounds truly is something to be experienced!

The Amphitheatre


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