A showdown in the outback with Australia’s deadliest snake…

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Your Say Wednesday

For those of you unfamiliar with our Your Say Wednesday posts, it’s fundamentally our way of interacting with you! Each Wednesday we share your most memorable, funny and craziest travel stories. Think you have a good one? Well please submit it to us via the contact page in our menu and it could be featured.

The Story…

It was a beautiful spring day In Australia, perfect for a stroll along the beach so I put my flip-flops on and off I went with my boyfriend at the time.

Now anyone who’s spent any time in Oz will know that the weather changes extremely quickly. Suddenly the wind picked up and started spraying sand in our eyes – not so relaxing. So we decided to head for the forrest instead. 

Working in an emergency department, I felt fairly sure it was too early to worry about snakes as we hadn’t had any snake bites for several months. So imagine my surprise to come face to face with an eastern brown snake whilst scrambling up a hill!

I couldn’t step back with my boyfriend stood right behind me. I knew the Brown snake was aggressive AND deadly and my flip flops certainly weren’t going to protect me! We stared at each other for a moment and then he slowly slithered away. 

I was incredibly lucky that he seemed so sleepy – a few days later, when he’d woken up properly, it would likely be a different story!  That week at work, the snake bites started coming in quick and fast. I certainly learnt my lesson! It was definitely one of my scariest travel experiences to date!

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