How to fly to Krakow (New York, Rio and More) for just £13…

Central Park, New York

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For those unfamiliar with our ‘Getaway Monday’ posts its our chance to give you a little inspiration of your next travel destination without breaking the bank. After vigorous searching of the best deals on the web we select a few from across the UK to tempt you with. Here’s what we found this week – let us know if you’ve booked any!

London to Krakow – £13 (Oct 9th)

With our cheapest flight this week you could be getting off to the Polish capital of Krakow for just £13. Flying from Luton at 08:40 you will be in Krakow for midday (Polish time) giving you plenty of time to explore on your first day of arriving . This could also be beneficial if you chose to use the flight as a connecting one and take a train or another flight somewhere else.

If you’re looking for something to do, you can find many historic sights in the city such as the salt mines but many may chose to take the short trip to the Auschwitz memorial for a day tour.

More details on the flight can be found here:;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:f;tt:o

London to Venice – £15 (Oct 3rd)

For those of you looking to grab a hearty Italian meal, why not just go to Italy for probably the price of a hearty Italian meal in London? Well we think it makes sense anyway – you may as well get the real deal! Jetting off to Venice at 11:25 you will arrive mid afternoon which is perfect timing to drop your bags and enjoy the delights Venice has to offer at evening.

For recommendations on things to do you can take a classic Gondola ride (that’s a boat for most of us) for £29pp, which yes is just about double your flight, but we think is a very traditional way of exploring one of Italys most unusual cities.

More details can be found here:;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:f;tt:o

Manchester to New York – £178 (Jan 9th)

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the value of this deal. For way under £200 you can get yourself to the other side of the Atlantic and explore the city that never sleeps. I think we might be taking advantage of this ourselves (NYC post pending…). Okay so you do take a short stop in Paris, but you could chose to maybe have a night there and make a real trip of it! If not you will leave Manchester at 07:00 and arrive in New York for 20:00.

Let’s be honest we probably don’t need to tell you about the thing to do so just not just hit the link below for more details;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:b;tt:o;sp:2.GBP.17753

Edinburgh to Rio De Janeiro – £230 (Nov 21st)

We think many of you could be tempted by this flight. Well probably those of you in Scotland anyway… Get yourself to one of the most famous beaches in the world, that being Copacabana and have a kick about with the locals.

The flight does have a overnight layover in London but we think our Scottish friends will be more than happy to get a taste of the capital for the evening. It’s also good news for those of you Londoners as why not just hop on the 2nd flight and cut the cost!

The flights leave Edinburgh at 20:45, get to London for 22:15 before departing again for Rio at 10:50, giving you a little lie in!

Flight details can be found here:;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:b;tt:o;sp:2.GBP.22939

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