This is how you get the Caribbean to come to you!

Looking to experience the Caribbean without the hefty price tag and long haul flight? Well, look no further than Notting Hill in August! Over a three day period London becomes the place to be for those in search of Caribbean vibes with the Notting Hill Carnival.

Since the first carnival took place in 1959, every year London has dedicated its August ‘bank holiday weekend’ to running one of the biggest and most exciting carnivals in the world. The honouring of such a long standing tradition has contributed to the enormous amount of people that line the streets in celebration each year. This year, it is predicted that close to one million people will attend with the street parade being the most event that draws the biggest crowds. Through the parade, costume glad Caribbean’s dance to traditional reggae music, creating a very unique vibe within the English capital. As well as the parade, you are able to trial typical Caribbean foods which mainly include variations of Jerk Chicken and various tropical fruits. Overall, the event is certainly creates the perfect melting point for those in search of foreign culture and tradition – as well as just a very enjoyable day out!

 This year the event is due to take place on between August 24thand 26thwhich gives you plenty of time to head along to see what all the fuss is about. Why not draw inspiration from the photos below and give yourself a funky ‘paint-over’ (just like a makeover) so you can blend in with the locals and have an amazing time!

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