We’d recommend here for surfing – and you wouldn’t expect it…

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You’ve heard you need to travel to Australia to get the real surfing experience, well that’s a complete lie. It is common knowledge amongst surfing regulars that France, Spain and Portugal all offer an equally as good (if not better) environment for those looking to ride the waves. But in evaluation of all, we deem the Spanish beach of La Zurriola to be the best place in Europe to surf and here is why… 

First of all, before we even get into the waves themselves, the views you are greeted with both on the beach and out at sea are certainly 10/10. As the beach is in Northern Spain, mountains can be seen from pretty much every direction you look in, which go a long way in creating a tropical rainforest type vibe. Even close to the sea, in some parts there is sheer cliff drops that look menacing from both below and standing on top of. Of course, these mountains are filled with lushes greenery all year round which contrast the vibrant blue waters perfectly.

Admittedly the beach itself does not have the white sand that is on offer at Caribbean destinations but not by any stretch is it poor. The deep golden sand is ideal to kick back on after you’re finished in the waves.

Now we come to the waves, they can be seen to break on the beach rather than out to sea meaning you don’t have as far to paddle out. They range in size with the swell being around 1.5ft or more, which for a beginner is perfect. But also if you are more experienced, you can use the waves to touch up on your technique and try harder skills. The water temperature is usually around 20 degrees in the summer months which is definitely warm enough to get away without a swim suit.

Another reason why La Zurriola is a great place to visit, is that it has the most Michelin star restaurants in the whole of Spain meaning it is often referred to as the food Capital of Spain. In addition to this, the area is steeped in history and culture and even more beaches just to chill out on.

We’d love to hear what you think, or if you’ve been lucky enough to visit! Let us know in the comments below!


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