Sharks spotted by Surfers in Bali?!

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1. @Amoureuxvoyageux

Location: Calanque D’en-Vau, France 

How many of you have seen this many different colours in a sea before! From memory, we don’t think we have… From dark greens to light greens and shades of blue we believe this sea is a swimmers paradise. We love the hight of the photo and the way the people look like little dots but how are they all positioned perfectly? We can see why this photo had to be taken. 

2. @Wonguy974

Location: Montmartre, France 

Doesn’t this photo look like something from a fictional book? There is nothing out of place! Even the people look like models scripted to bring the photo to life. We love how there is a table free inviting you to be apart of the photo and imagine you are there! Finally, how can we not mention the colours… But we think they don’t need much explaining, lets just appreciate them as they are.

3. @Thelosttwo

Unknown, Bali

First of all, does anyone else see the reflection in the water looking like a love heart?! We are sure its not just us… We think this photo just screams tranquility with the arial view providing a element of calmness without showing the waves (assuming there is some for the surfers). We think you’re lead to assume that the pair in the photo are together, which if they are, captures that in the moment they are together as one. Hopefully there is no looming sharks around to spoil the calmness!


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